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Grocery Deliveries

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I deliver groceries of any kind directly to your resort.  Items are stored in the resort luggage/bell services room until you arrive.  All luggage rooms are equipped with cold storage so you can be assured your refrigerated and frozen items will be delivered fresh.  I like to keep things “personal”, so I only deliver to a handful of clients each day.  This helps ensure orders are accurate and delivered in a timely manner.  When you arrive at your resort and are ready to receive your groceries, simply visit the resort bell desk or press the luggage button on your in-room telephone.  (Note: Many non-Disney resorts are not able to accept deliveries on behalf of guests.  As a result, I am not able to accommodate all resorts outside of Walt Disney World.)

While I will make every attempt to deliver each item to your exact specifications, please keep in mind I am limited to local availability of brands and variety.  There are times when items are out of stock or availability changes.  In those cases, I can substitute a comparable item.  Please let me know if substitutions for any items are not acceptable.

There is no minimum order.  For my services, I charge a 20% service fee on the cost of the items (minimum $10 service fee) plus a $10 delivery fee.  Additional fees may apply for specialty items not found at conventional grocery stores or for deliveries with less than 24 hour notice.

To request a quote, click the request a quote link or send me an email with your shopping list.

To secure a grocery delivery, payment is required at least seven days prior to your check-in date.